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Who Is Innovator John

Innovatorjohn founder John Daniel started his first business when he was 16 selling used jeans and shoes out out the back of his trunk. By the age of 19 years old he was selling his fashion clothing line Dandino with cutting-edge designs worldwide with clientele such as Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. After selling his company in 2003, he started ReloShip, a moving and shipping company, and slowly gained traction with a nationwide network that generated $3.5 million in sales annually. ReloShip was sold in 2012, after he invented an affordable u-load container that shipped nationwide and helped customers secure their moves in a cost effective way.¬† John didn’t stop there, he always looked to innovate the industries he operated in and distrust the statues quo. He decided to develop technologies that would help customers and businesses to be able to quote their transportation online. was the first website to do so quoting and booking any transportation service there is. From Moving a house, containers, and booking a flight. Since then, John invested in on-demand services such as, nationwide on-demand moving and delivery service, and in number one on-demand for spa service in Los Angeles.

After 3 exits, companies started taking notice, and hired John as a consultant to provide them with his business development talent. John managed to increase customers sales to millions, and save them hundreds of thousands in operating costs. Some of his clients gave him a nickname that stuck until today… Innovator John. The demand was high from across the globe, and John thought it would be great to make his consulting service and his team on-demand as well. That’s how sprouted.

The idea is make innovatorjohn services such as, extensive marketing, domestic, and outsourced customer support and salesforce, talent recruiting and training on-demand for companies across the world. To make sure that their operations and services don’t have any hiccups along the way, they can rely on a partner that is always there for them.

Innovatorjohn¬† helps businesses, large and small, in various industries to maintain and manage growth in today’s competitive markets. We have helped our clients from custom marketing and online reputation techniques like no other with instant ROIs. Various legal and licensing issues. Providing long-term leads and accounts, talent recruitment, and sales training. Additionally, we build physical and online technologies, prepare funding documents along with exit strategies.

With more than 20 years of business experience, our team have helped generate traffic, calls, to multiple industries, trained salesforce to convert calls and in-person leads that helped companies Generate more than $20 million in sales within a few months of implementing InnovatorJohn technics. Additionally, InnovatorJohn has a vast network of strategic partners in different industries as well as investors. We have 3 exits under our belt and growing!

Our Team


Chief Marketing Guru Founded a successful cosmetics online store, generating over a million dollars in revenue.



Founder& CEO A serial entrepreneur with several successful exits to his name.



Peter built numerous custom solutions for various successful businesses and large corporations.



5 star legal analyst from the University of Kingston in London.



Master business strategist, and financial analyst