Innovator John | FAQs
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How is InnovatorJohn different than other lead generation companies?

Lead generation companies work in a number of different ways. Generally they buy stale data and contact them. Using a combination of our sales prospecting tool and data team, we build awesome targeted lists of prospects and optimize further with our data team. We’ve spent a long time developing a systemized and scalable process. The key unique factor in what we do, is we have an affordable workforce that is ready on-demand to close those leads.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment. The reason is that there is a lot of time and effort in setting up your plan and (dependent on your industry), sales cycles can take longer than others. This period means we can understand and create a repeatable sales process, and send a consistent stream of leads directly in your inbox.

How do you contact prospects?

We use our software to send personalized, customized emails to prospects. Our Sales Development Team manage this process along with any correspondence. We’re highly proficient nurturing prospects into a qualified lead.

What data is included in a lead?

We include standard information including email, name, title, address. In addition, our data team will search for company information that’s important for your business, provide you the details raw, or just simply book the project for your company.

Is InnovatorJohn a replacement to your sales team?

We can replace or work along side your current team. If anything make them better!

Who is InnovatorJohn?

InnovatorJohn are a team of Sales, Marketing, Sales Development, engineers, and Data Teams. In addition to our core team of 14 people, we have a global team of 20, over 50% are in U.S. Israel, India, Philippine