Innovator John | Leads Generation
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Leads Generation

InnovatorJohn provides innovative leads generation services that proactively target all the potential prospects and opportunities to make a sale. With intelligent leads generation, you can ease of your concerns about missed KPIs, underperforming marketing budget, and minimizing overall operational budgets.

InnovatorJohn Exclusive Leads Generation
Are you interested in quality and risk-free in-bound leads with an average conversion rate of 90 percent?

We aren’t like other lead generation companies. When we started off years back, we had a purpose; we learned and practiced the best practices of the market—it was just us and our continuous tweaking that has made it possible for us to be there where we are now. Leads generation requires persistent tracking, measuring and responding to the sales data.

We have refined and perfected our unique art of leads generation that are one-off and effective.

We have over 20 years of experience with building digital marketing campaigns that derive exceptional user experiences. These lead generation strategies have been perfected after years of practice and hefty investments. We focus on ROIs over everything else, so what you will only be getting are quality leads with a high probability of sales conversion.

How we do it

By accurately identifying the target users’ personas, we qualify every lead individually to drive only the right people to your business. This is done either by our in-house software or by directly driving leads to your CRM system.

Efficient – No wastage
We solve the problem of low conversion ratios by targeting only the right people with an intent of buying. There is minimum wastage and zero logs, ensuring quick results. We use a digital marketing mix that includes content marketing, social media and paid search. This way, we are able to secure interest from highly qualified, relevant and pro-active prospects and take them to your business in real-time.

Convert. Achieve. Repeat
From end-to-end tracking, to content placements and specific advertising sources, we know what works best for your company. Our experience, lead grading and strategic knowledge ensure that we generate leads that are reliable, relevant and profitable for your business.

Our clients have been working with us from years and that’s how we ensure that our leads are successful. Quality leads are what we target only. We work closely with our clients to generate leads that will inevitably lead to more sales.

Get in touch
Have you been really facing trouble with generating quality leads? Why not tell us more about your business?

Our Cutting Edge Online Leads Generation

•    Exclusive leads: Our leads are 100 percent exclusive; we don’t sell our data to other companies.
•    High-quality leads: Our leads generation tactics provide only high-quality leads that are passed through the initial screening and grading process.
•    Real-time Delivery: We deliver leads to your business in real-time when their tendency to convert into customers is very high.
•    Online Lead Management: Our bespoke lead generation services make it possible for you to handle feedback and resolve disputes through our minimalist management software.