Innovator John | Reputation Management
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Reputation Management

 Repair. Protect. Build

The way your potential customers perceive your brand is a game-changer; however, if your customers have had a few acrid experiences in the past, it could sever your business’s reputation exponentially. InnovatorJohn specializes in providing extensive online reputation management services that aren’t even known to others in the business. Our unique reputation tools and services can make a hefty improvement in your business’s online perception by your both existing and potential customers.

Our reputation management services are build on the purpose of helping you gain trust of your eternal stakeholders, including your clients. It’s not true that you only get one chance to impress your audience; we know how to get it right over and over again. We will improve your online reputation contingently, and also every time someone shows dissonance about your company.

We have loads of reputation management services, take a look at some of them.

Search Engine Results

You can alter the way search engines handle your brand-related queries. At InnovatorJohn, we know how do it professionally and cost-effectively. Damaging complaints, press and review sites can put a devastating impact on your business, and if they appear on the first page of the of brand related queries on search engines, it could become a real problem that can put back many other clients.

We try every possible technique to neutralize the impact of a negative remark by either attempting removal or by suppressing the negative content down in the search results.

Google Autocomplete

Replace all the negative autocomplete values about your brand and replace them with neutral and positive words. Factors like search volume, searcher’s location, social media mentions, keyword and phrase appearance, they all contribute to Google Autocomplete algorithms.

Google Autocomplete also contains time tracking component that ensure that new and fresh searches are included in the search queries as well.  We use all of our resources and campaign to influence Google Autocomplete.

Wikipedia Management

We Keep tabs on any changes that are made on Wikipedia about your company and ensuring that only the right information is presented. Wikipedia is a highly acclaimed third-party objective authority that can make or break your brands reputation, so improving your Wikipedia page ensures that you are moving in the right direction without any negative influence.

 Proactive ORM

This is the most significant aspect of Online Reputation Management (ORM). We can help you protect your business against negative reviews, competitors and complaints.

Yelp Improvements

You can improve your Yelp rating and push your brands impression a few notches up. InnovatorJohn has a toolkit of service that can turn any bleak or floundering Yelp profile into a positive page and can largely improve a brand’s reputation. This involves review removal, review filtration and requesting positive reviews.

Corporate ORM training

To avoid in-house errors that could glitch your brand’s reputation, we also provide tactical training for your social media managers and SEOs.