Innovator John | Sales Training
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Sales Training

If you’re searching for sales training, you’re in the right place. We invite you to get to know us better, and we’d appreciate the opportunity to develop a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t value the importance of training your sales teams. If they have the right skills, and can adopt more effective behaviors, they can surely succeed in meeting your desired business outcomes. To make this happen, you need a proven partner with the experience, knowledge, and global resources to achieve lasting change.
Online Sales training

InnovatorJohn provide world-class in-house and online sales training services for managers and representatives. With our 25 years of experience, we have successfully trained thousands of different employees and managers, already.

Reinforce Sales Skills

Sales training requires a lot to make it a success: lead sales conversations, negotiating the best deal, designing strategies to win new opportunities, and growing existing account. We ensure that sellers learn all the aforementioned through our online sales training material that’s designed especially for sales managers, sellers, and people who have been working on their startups.

For SMEs, small teams and individuals

Our professionals from 32 different countries have been providing us diverse and helpful training material that perfectly complements our international training courses. We target on honing your skills whether you are a sales veteran looking for new skills, leader running a small sales team, or an individual who wants to learn to sell, we have a bespoke program for each one of you.

For Corporate Training

Don’t know how to train your geographically dispersed sales force or reinforce their skills? With InnovatorJohn’s eLearning for business and corporate clients, we build optimal learning environments, custom curricula and tailor every lesson according to the nature of your business and employees. We know how to pull off a great training that effectively inculcates all the fundamentals of selling into a person.

On-demand learning

With our one-of-a-kind sales training, your business representatives can get the training when they need it. We design new training courses and tweak the existing ones to make them more suitable with the current training of your sales representatives and managers.

These short-term learning courses can’t mark their difference if they are complex and difficult to comprehend. We keep it simple so that benefits of training could be reaped repeatedly without needing a new training anytime soon.

All of our programs are accessible 24/7 if there is an internet connection. You can easily fit audio, video or written lessons into your busy work schedules during break or at home after work. Our courses are short and easy that retain reader’s attention during the whole session.

Hours of material designed by expert instructors

The learning material designed by InnovatorJohn is research and field-tested to provide you extensive learning experience that will be results-driven and top-rated. We guarantee sales learning that will unleash new potential for your business’ sales.

Reinforce learning

Do you know that 77 percent of learning, if not reinforced, could be forgotten within 6 days? For learning to have long-lasting and impactful results, it’s important to reinforce it time and again. By keeping tabs on what you have learned, and with our weekly word-class revisions, you can easily retain skills keep apply them on a new job.

We have a comprehensive library of courses and SCORM-compliant lessons that fully covers the spectrum of selling. We know the art of selling and we want to deliver it others.

Our custom and collaborate eLearning material is effective and just what you need to get the training right for your sales employees.