Innovator John | Strategic Partnership
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Strategic Partnership

InnovatorJohn partners with thousands of industry experts and content providers that know how to deliver different kinds of information to your users from one place, and that too on your terms.

Content Partnerships

InnovatorJohn has been working with database licensors, publishers, and other information providers to give you the strongest and most extensive sources of content possible. Our partnerships will give you access to;

  • Licensed databases: To provide more full-text content to your users, InnovatorJohn has been working with different database provides to optimize your experience.
  • Leading subject indexes: InnovatorJohn has been maintaining healthy relationships with healthy index providers for corporate, academic and medical fields that brings robust metadata to your users.
  • Corporate solutions: Our partnerships with government and corporate information providers give you access to premium corporate research, organizational learning and superior business information content.

Our Strategic Partnership Services are customized for those who require professional experience and specific skills to improve the performance of their investment teams.

InnovatorJohn—a solution to your investment needs

Our strategic partnerships allow us to have multi-class portfolios from institutions across globe. We have complex investment programs for your business where outsourcing seems impractical but management and portfolio design is required.

Specialized expertise

We have specialized our strategic partnerships by working with institutions from last 25. Our professionals have been managing and designing global investment portfolios through synthetic beta replication and direct asset management. We are known for designing eclectic risk monitoring lenses that actively mitigate risks.

Fully integrated

InnovatorJohn strategic partnership is created to work homogeneously with your investment team’s structure.

Discovery partnerships

To ensure that our users get access to our entire collection of resources, we have amalgamated integrated library system (ILS) partnerships.

Metadata partnerships: We also have the most extensive list of content providers and primary publishing partners that highly contribute to the robust metadata.

Metadata sharing: Our transparency in the discovery service market encourages openness as we share our metadata with other vital discovery service providers.

Medical partnerships

InnovatorJohn medical partnerships have been helping both researchers and the healthcare providers. We have partnered with publishers, medical societies and systems to bring researchers and clinicians full-text content.

Open Access and Open Source

Our open source partnerships imply that you can always modify and tailor your users’ experience with the tools that work best for you.

InnovatorJohn’s services can be integrated with any open source solution like Kuali OLE, VuFind, Black Light, Koha and more.

InnovatorJohn also keeps its relationships with wide array of different open access journals; we strive to get the highest quality of content for open access by continuously indexing open access articles.

Our discovery services work effortlessly with various open access repositories, including Directory of Open Access Journals, Yale Medicine and many others.

InnovatorJohn is the leading digital marketing company with strategic partnerships with the top discovery, moving, medical, cosmetics, fashion, lawyers, doctors, and plumbing entities.

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What our team can help you with:

– Fast track to local, interstate, international licensing in all industries specifically in the transportation, shipping, household goods moving industry.

– Recruitment and training of sales, marketing, data personal

– Technology: we create, develop software to immigrate your product and services

– Legal issues with any long term deals, contracts, and staff

– Long term mergers, investment, ventures, contracts to help growth, and sustainability of your company worldwide

– Product development

– Proven online reputation management with 5 star reviews

– Long term distribution deals with major worldwide brands.

– Rapid marketing strategies that will instantly create revenue

– Create new custom technologies, software, apps, sites

– Custom Tariffs

– Penetrating US, China, Israel, European markets.

We are an on-demand business development partner with worldwide clientele based in Washington DC, and Santa Monica, CA. We have call centers in Tel-Aviv Israel, Mumbai India, and Manila Philippine.

Our main expertise are in four key points, which help our customers soar in revenues very rapidly.